Jerk! The Magazine,

The Magazine For Jerks

Jerk! The Magazine is a magazine for jerks that you subscribe someone else to, so that jerk know what a jerk you think they are.

Picture it. You pay us money. Then one day soon, the jerk whose address you gave us will go to their mailbox and find a magazine addressed to them. That magazine? You guessed it. It’s Jerk! The Magazine, the magazine for Jerks.

Think about what a jerk they’d feel like: a huge one probably. If you want to be really sure they feel like a jerk, the annual subscription will remind them what a jerk they are with new issue of the magazine every three months. That’ll show ’em.

Each issue is a hilariously written and curated collection of articles, photos, art, and comics that jerks could really use like “Best Places to Leave a Shopping Cart Besides the Cart Return”, “How to Save Money by Stealing From Your Roommate”, and “Ten Places to Make a Scene in Public at Before You Die”.

After all, if these jerks are getting a magazine, it might as well be a good one.